Tour of the Estate and Factory

Your experience is incomplete without a visit to the Tea Estate. Enjoy a jeep ride around the plantation, where you can get an insight into how the choicest of leaves are plucked. Next, head to the factory to understand the processes involved in conversion of green leaf to the final produce. A Tea Tasting session can be organised to educate yourself more about the diversity and quality of teas. For finale, you could purchase Black (CTC) and Green Tea produced freshly as souvenirs of your heady experience from the Tea Boutique

Local Wildlife

Being located within the perimeter of Baikunthapur Forest, there is ample scope for you to enjoy local wildlife. The forest is marked by great bio diversity and is home to deer, elephants and multiple species of snakes. 

These forests surround a water reservoir called Gajaldoba formed by the Teesta Barrage. The reservoir is a prominent place for numerous species of water birds, which come all the way from Central Asia and Ladakh. Some of them are the Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Greylag Goose, Bar Headed Goose, Lesser Whistling Duck, Common Shelduck, Ruddy Shelduck, Cotton Teal, Eurasian Wigeon, Common Teal, Tufted Duck, Spot billed Duck and many others.

Bhorer Alo Project by the Teesta Dam

The West Bengal Tourism Department has chalked out an elaborate plan to develop the ‘Bhorer Alo’ tourism hub at Gajaldoba in North Bengal. Saraswatipur Tea Resort is located 3 kilometres from this project.

A variety of activities like Forest Safari, Boating, Cycling,Angling, Elephant Rides, Tethered Hot Air Balloons are in the pipeline. Watching birds while boating sounds rather soothing.

Visit to Gorumara Forest Reserve

Gorumara National Park, about 37 kilometres from the resort is a medium-sized park with grasslands and forests. It is primarily known for its population of Rhinoceros.Other animals found here include Leopards, Elephants, Indian Bison, Rock Python, Deer and Malayan Giant Squirrel. A day trip here might excite the wildlife and photography lovers.

Visit to Ancient Temples

Jalpesh Dham devoted to Lord Shiv, is located 54 kilometres from the resort. It was originally built around 800 AD by the last successor of King Baghadatta called Jalpash. The temple was destroyed and lost in the forest many times till it was reconstructed by the erstwhile King of Coochbehar, Shri Prananarayan in 1655 AD.

Brahmri Devi Templeis devoted to Devi Adi Shakti, the Goddess of Power and Strength.The exact date of the temple's creation is unknown as this is a Shakti Peeth that has been formed centuries ago. It is believed that the Vama Pada or the left leg of Sati or Shakti fell at this place to form this temple.


The resort offers Cycling tours within the Tea Estate. Guests with an adventurous streak can cycle through the neat lanes that segregate the different sections of the Tea Plantation.